Info: About

I go by Geng Hao, and if you don't know me personally, chances are you're going to pronounce my name incorrectly.

I'm a 16-year-old male Singaporean Chinese student. I'm almost 100% rooted in the Science course in school, so I'm connected to design unprofessionally. It occurs to me as some sort of a mix between "hobby" and "passion".

I admit that I'm quite the amateur and I do have a lot to learn when it comes to web & graphic design. I just hope that someday, I'll be given the opportunity to progress in this realm; perhaps even by leaps and bounds. Someday, someday.

Anyway, this journal was set up solely for entertainment and it doesn't intend to go professional. And I can pretty much guarantee it'll remain as unprofessional as possible.

I will mainly post wallpapers, banners and layouts for several blogging hosts (except Blogger or Wordpress & the like). The entries have also been labelled for ease of navigation.

Well then, I hope you enjoy your stay. And I will try my very best to keep the journal going this time...